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My work is a passion and huge part of my life, explore my other passions with me in my blog. From live music to cycling, come along with me on my journey making the most of every moment and opportunity to live it every day.

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The Road to Port Pollenca

Delayed but not disrupted, it’s time to get ready for a cycling trip to remember.

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a year like no other. Originally planned for April, pushed back to October and now awaiting a decision on it’s fate, the Sa Calobra trip is the chance to explore the epic views, challenging hill climbs and hair pin bends of Mallorca.

Sa Calobra iconic bendy road

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Walsgrave Rides 2019-2020

The Walsgrave Wanderers Joined the "Walsgrave Wanderers" for a nice ride after work. The guys are helping me up my average speed and also the time to get over those accursed hills! I will keep a log of these rides over a series of weekly posts. The 2019 Rides Nhilo...

Ironman UK 2018 One Lap

 This is another decent training ride from Danny and it is one loop of the Ironman, Bolton, 2-loop bike course to take place on Sunday 15/07/2018. On the day, it’s twice around,  plus and out and with the  back leg, makes it 112 miles in...

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