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Online Sizing Matters!

When migrating content from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online, one of the key considerations is the space allocation for your organisation's tenant. This is a short post covering how this is calculated, the other service allocations and ways of managing...

Westerdale Solutions LTD

Make more of Micrsoft 365


Design and deliver components of Microsoft 365 solutions , focussing on:

  • Azure AD: dynamic and static security groups, Office 365 Groups
  • Teams collaboration, productivity and applications
  • Power Apps , Power Automate: integrating with standard, premium and custom connectors.
  • Provision modern SharePoint Online, including sites, lists, libraries, information architecture, governance, effective user permissions and compliance
  • Migrating content from legacy SharePoint on-premises, File Shares, other Office 365 tenants or clouds providers

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Power Apps Survival Guide: Naming Standards

This post covers a suggested naming standard that will help to aid consistency and maintainablity when working on Power Apps. If you adopt the suggested three character prefix, you limit how much you need to type but still be able to distingish each control. You...

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